Work focused on the content

My site is finally on the web, I have chosen the right tools and the right design. I have even talk about the right user experience. Everything is all right, but… but the site doesn’t take off. I create another zombie domain where only a few friends are so brave to visit it.

Why? I think the content is the problem and the content is also the solution. My site lacks of content. It’s not enough my about page and some gallery, or a set of page that describe my project. Like a sculptor that needs the clay to make his art so I need the content to design the web. Without content there aren’t tools, design or interfaces that can transform a project in a success project. The focus became to find the right way to create content.

What does it means to work focused on the content:

  • start to create content as soon as possible. Don’t wait the release able to be on-line before of starting create content.
  • work on the two level. One to produce the content and another to create the structure of the web site in which the content is organized.
  • use a simple layout. Don’t mind about how to the content is presented on-line. In the first stage of the work you can only manage a list of articles, images, stuff to sell or whatever your site is about.
  • use categories and tags. even if you are not so sharp, define a taxonomy to organize your content.
  • know the basis of the tools used to manage content. You know that everything is possible, but resources, finance and time are always limited, try to use the entire power of the tools you use to manage content.
  • work work work. There isn’t no other that can produce the content for your project. If you can’t , find someone else that can do it for you.

Why I think Instagram + Facebook doesn’t work

Instagram is a photo oriented social network where 27 million users share filtered mobile photo. We have used Instagram till now for the  artistic and poetic look that filters give to our photos and the ability to  share them easily. When I use Instagram I feel different: my photos look different from any others, and in the same time I can tell that I use my iPhone to take them. Instagram is successful app because is a niche app, even if a niche about 30 million users. Now with the extension to all the Android users and the acquired of Facebook, the bigger and generalist social network,  Instagram could lose his appeal. When I’m sharing a photo, I’m not more part of a niche, and I think to be less different. Instagram could lose its capacity to attract new people and probably could lose part of its users. It doesn’t always work that the big fish who eat the small fish is the winner in the law of Tech Darwinism. Could be, like in this case, that all of them are the loosers. From another point of view, both fishes could be the winners: the small one earns 1 billion dollars,  the big eliminates a competitor. The only losers could be the people who till now have shared freely their photo.

Update[19/04/2012] :
Why Phil Schiller Actually Quit Instagram from 9to5Mac’s article:

Instagram is a great app and community. That hasn’t changed.
But one of the things I really liked about Instagram was that it was a small community of early adopters sharing their photographs.
Now that it has grow(n) much larger the signal to noise ratio is different.
That isn’t necessarily good or bad, it’s just not what I originally had fun with.

Two point of the Schiller’s message have made Instagram different : the small community and the different signal to noise ratio, both describe the social app with its niche.